Sunday, December 2, 2012

Coming Up: Tuesday, Friday

Lundy Watches...
Two more finales are coming up this week, both of which will be followed by overviews for their respective series. Now may be the perfect time to catch up for anyone wanting to have a marathon of quality television.

Daria has its first season finale on Tuesday December 4th, posted at 1:00am, and will be followed by an overview of the entire first season posted at 1:00pm, detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the first run of episodes. The second season will begin the following Tuesday, December 11th, and will continue on as regularly scheduled.

Better Off Ted also has its first season finale this week, to be posted at 1:00am on Friday, December 7th, to be followed by an overview of the first season, posted at 1:00pm. The second season will continue as regularly scheduled, beginning the following Friday, December 14th, at 1:00am.


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