Sunday, December 23, 2012

Coming Up: Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Lundy Watches...
Two finales are coming up this week, both of which will be followed by overviews for their respective series, and a third finale has just passed with it's overview due out later this week. One of them will continue on, but to two of our shows we bid adieu and remember the good (and the bad) that was to be had.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl finishes its second series on Monday December 24th, posted at 1:00am, and will be followed by an overview of the entire second series at 1:00pm, taking a look at the highs and lows that this run of episodes had had. The third series will begin the following Monday, December 31st, and will continue on as regularly scheduled.

Life on Mars also has its second series finale this week, to be posted at 1:00am on Thursday, December 27th, to be followed by an overview of the second series posted at 1:00pm. Starting the following Thursday, January 3rd, will be a series of specials and editorials memorializing the series as a whole.

Firefly had it's final episode posted last week on Saturday, December 22nd, while this week will see an overview for the entire series posted at 1:00am on Saturday, December 29th. Beginning next week, on the 5th of January, will begin a series of editorials and specials to commemorate the short-lived series.


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